National Diversity Council

NDC Emerging Leaders Program

In agreement with the NDC’s mission to be both a resource and an advocate for the value of diversity and inclusion, our goals include (1) ensure that our interns are exposed to an elite internship (2) with access and exposure to true meaningful business projects, and (3) enhance and develop these abilities through executive and peer networking opportunities, mentorship, career development, team project experiences, philanthropic activities and an opportunity for future careers. Our partnering companies have helped us reach these goals by offering our underrepresented students high quality internship opportunities that will comprise hands-on mentorship around navigating the corporate realm, learning effective communication skills, and enhancing professional development overall.


To be both a resource and advocate for the value of diversity, equity and inclusion. The NDC serves as the umbrella organization that supports our national, regional, and statewide affiliates. The NDC strives to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and community through various initiatives.


To cultivate a nationwide network of affiliated councils that advance diversity and inclusion by transforming workplaces and communities into inclusive environments, where people are not only valued for their talents, but are also empowered to reach their greatest potential.